About us


We buy more than ever, yet we use less and less. We spend more time chasing and less time living. There's no time to waste, yet we waste so much on so little. The clock is ticking and both we and our world is running out of time. It is time for a change, it is time for something better.



Hi, we are Dom and Luke

We started px because we wanted to help people like us find clothing and accessories that would help us get on with our lives. We always had problems finding what we wanted – the full package. Something versatile, city appropriate and functional. Something you could just throw on and get going, without spending too much time thinking about the weather or where you will go today.


The world doesn't need more, it needs better

Our goal is to give you better, so that you would need less. For us, better is clothing that is designed to be used, not used up. An item you will use as much as possible, for as many things as possible. By making clothing that takes care both of function and style, we want to help you spend less time thinking, worrying, and matching, and have more time for better things instead. And those who spend less time thinking about what to wear, spend less time in shops thinking what to buy. 
Watch our video "Less, but better"



Get clothes out of your way

The only thing that matters in life is what you do and what you don't do. Our goal is to design pieces that take care of everything on their end, so that you would have more time to focus on yours. 

Design better, so that you would need less

Our goal is to design clothing and accessories that will ultimately lead to us buying less. It is our belief that while recycling is important, it does not try to solve the actual problem - us buying too much crap.